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RICK SCIANABLO II                            

Rick has gained a healthy reputation in the New York & New England area as a class A audio specialist in the live audio entertainment media & commercial film / music industry. Rick has worked with a dynamic variety of productions from developing, inventions, prototypes, band contracts, soundtracks, TV & Radio commercials, as well as independent and feature films scores. Rick is also an acoustical engineer with commercial systems installation & studio / pro venue development credits as well. Scianablo is a guru in live & studio environments, using 1" & 1/4" Tape to the latest's & greatest DAW's. He is best know for his attention to detail and inventive recording, mixing techniques. If he has done sound for your band or venue then you know what it meens to have a good engineer who pays attention and cares. He is also an advanced string musician, composer & well respected producer. Rick directs a sound effects team and foley stage that is quite a site in action. He can fully produce your Band TV or Radio spot on a budget & also works exceptionally well with a team. He has been known to build & repair customized electronic gadgets & modify his equipment & guitars.. He is the guy who will mysteriously find the perfect way to do something otherwise thought impossible. He goes above & beyond with passion and experience, delivering world class results every time. Rick is also a web designer studio developer, painter, sculpture and a fine artist across the board, he will make the joke "ayyye...i studied in Italy!" but no matter what the task when it comes to creating a masterpiece he is one of the best.


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