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audio installations intercom and ambient zoned systems, troubleshooting, acoustic treatment and room tuning, 24-channel live analog recording studio. live band recording, voice over sessions, on set film recording, commercial audio, mixing, mastering services also available

PC & MAC repair & upgrades
on-site mobile repair, network maintenance, wifi routing, printer repair, security, POS, sales, surveillance systems, troubleshooting 


survailence systems installs and maintenance, live feed, pod cast setups & broadcasting, green screen, special effects, editing DP services, lighting, camera operators, set design set building, prop sourcing, locations,, staffing, equipment rentals


event photo booths, live coverage, studio photography, promo & product photography, event photography, lighting, live feeds

Custom Jewelry

custom lost wax, sculpture, silver & brass casting, mold making, duplication, castable wax printing & design


live work studios, shared studio & private studios, rehearsal space, equipment service, modifications, equipment rental, engineering & production

3D Prototype

design & 3d printing, rapid prototyping, scanning, CAD, limited run production options, invention development, sculpture and fabrication.


brand development, consulting, design & print t-shirts, stickers, pins, lighters, custom items, action figures, toys, prototypes  sales, marketing, add placement


viral project development, small & large paintings, murals, indoor outdoor advertisements, signage and promotional fabrications

We offer a unique variety of services supporting the creative production industries

Business Services: Set design, lighting & event staging, interior design, audio video systems integration, bar & restaurant revamping, art sourcing, custom layouts, customer engagement point maps, facility flow & organization. brand development, product development & implementation, custom computer systems, networks, security systems installation & maintenance, web design, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, commissioned public art, and signage design.


Music Services: rehearsal space, music instrument design, high quality audio recording mixing, mastering & production, music video production, creative consultation, room tuning, recording studio design, music venue design installation, audio video systems operation & training, radio & tv adds, airtime purchasing, sound design, film & video soundtrack sweetening, mastering location sound, sound effects, Foley ADR..

Studio Blue is known for curating some of the most inspiring places in Providence Rhode Island for over 20 years. Now with offices in Brooklyn New York StudioBlue is connecting artists and business together in a new way.


With follow-through support and progressive production methods, we serve your business with effective results, from concept to execution.

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